Fundraising ideas for children

For safety reasons, always discuss your plans with a parent or other adult member of your family and ask them to ensure that you are adequately supervised. Although we have suggested some fundraising ideas below, feel free to use your imagination and create new challenges of your own.

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.”     GIL SCOTT-HERON


Charitable status

ChildCare Malawi is unable to register with the Charity Commission because our annual income is less than £5,000. However, we are registered as
a Small Charity with HMRC, which entitles us to claim Gift Aid on eligible donations.


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10 ways of raising £10

Sweets in a jar competition Charge twenty friends 50p each to guess how many sweets there are in a jar. Whoever gets closest wins them all.


Sponsored swim Ask five adults to give you £2 each if you can swim ten lengths in your local pool.


Reading challenge Ask two adults to give you £5 each if you read two books at least 100 pages long.


Drawing and painting Do five very special drawings or paintings and sell them for £2 each.


Sponsored spelling Ask ten adults to give you £1 each if you learn to spell the names of 100 different countries.


Clearance sale Have a clear out and sell some of the games, toys and books you have grown out of.


Learn a language Ask one adult to give you £10 if you learn to count to 100 in a foreign language.


Sponsored bike ride Ask four adults to give you £2.50 each if you can complete ten circuits of your local park.


Cakes and cookies Bake and decorate ten cupcakes or ten giant cookies and sell them for £1 each.


Save small change Ask all the adults in your family to help you collect 500 2p coins, 200 5p coins or 100 10p coins.