The unsustainable consumption of firewood, used by over 95% of Malawian households who cook their daily meals over rudimentary three-stone open fires, is contributing to the country’s high rate of deforestation. Chitetezo mbaulas are portable cooking stoves described by United Purpose as terracotta pots about the same size as buckets, with a hole in the front for wood to go in and a ledge around the top to rest a cooking pot on. Made locally, they generate less smoke, require 60-80% less firewood than three-stone fires and are much safer to use. Women and girls spend less time collecting firewood and their clothes are better protected from flying sparks, while children are less likely to be injured in accidents and entire families benefit from the reduction in smoke-related respiratory illnesses.

Cooking stoves

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A donation of £10 would cover the cost of 10 chitetezo mbaulas.

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