3 compelling reasons for supporting ChildCare Malawi

Sustainability We reach children with unmet needs and deliver practical, long-lasting solutions, not unsustainable quick fixes.

Responsibility All administrative roles in the UK are undertaken on a purely voluntary basis, so 100% of all donations benefit recipients in Malawi.

Accountability We will, on request, provide our supporters with visual evidence to show exactly what their donation has been spent on.

What we do to support children and their families

A holistic approach We work with a small number of families and create individual support packages for them which are carefully designed to raise aspirations and break the demoralising, repetitive cycle of abject poverty.

Children’s clothes We send annual consignments of nearly new clothes, shoes, towels, bedding, toys and a variety of other useful items donated in the UK to Malawi, where they are much appreciated.

Cooking stoves We distribute chitetezo mbaulas, which are portable, clay-fired, fuel-efficient stoves handmade in Malawi that require significantly less firewood than the traditional three-stone fires.

‘Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.’          EDMUND BURKE

Solar lights We distribute small solar lights, which are brighter and safer than candles and kerosene lamps, and available in Malawi, where only about nine per cent of the population has access to electricity.

Wheelchairs for children We supply disabled children with bespoke wheelchairs made by technicians in Malawi as there is no government funding available for this service.

Sanitary products We supply sanitary pads, which are particularly useful for girls who might otherwise miss school while they are menstruating.

Mosquito nets We supply mosquito nets to protect families from malaria, which is the most common disease and leading cause of death among pregnant women and children under the age of five.

Access to healthcare We provide travelling expenses for family members who are unable to afford the cost of hospital visits.

Access to education We assist families with the cost of school uniform, school development funds and exam fees for children in primary schools; school uniform and school fees for children in secondary schools; and, in exceptional circumstances, tuition fees for young people at university.

All prices are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect fluctuations in the exchange rate with the Malawian Kwacha (MWK). Every single donation is greatly appreciated and goes a long way in Malawi, while regular donations enable us to provide our beneficiaries with continuity of care. 

Donation of gifts in kind

Reasonably new laptops and unlocked smartphones (with chargers) in good working order would be gratefully received in Malawi. 

Charitable status

ChildCare Malawi is unable to register with the Charity Commission because our annual income is less than £5,000. However, we are registered as

a Small Charity with HMRC, which entitles us to claim Gift Aid on eligible donations.

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